As former admissions directors, many of whom have had extensive experience in strategic communications and journalism, we are dedicated to translating your abilities, accomplishments, and aspirations into a convincing case for admission into one of the world's premier institutions for higher education.

Our comprehensive list of services, which includes school selection strategy, recommendation management, essay content development, essay editing, resume construction, interview preparation, and more, will help you achieve your goals. Our past clients have not only achieved success in gaining admission to top-tier institutions, but many have also secured highly sought after merit-based scholarships.

Whether you are considering a graduate program in medicine, law, or business, we look forward to working with you.

We know you are more than a test score and a transcript. You are an individual with raw talent and ability; a prospective student with an exceptional set of strengths that has helped you to cultivate a meaningful array of experiences and accomplishments; a forward thinker who is pushing relentlessly toward a specific set of goals.

Apply Point offers comprehensive application packages that include everything from the early stages of school selection to the final stages of scholarship negotiation. However, should you prefer individual services such as a one-time waitlist positioning assessment, mock interview, or final application review, separate fees and hourly rates are available.



Why Apply Point?



As a former admissions director who made hundreds of admissions and scholarship decisions each year, Apply Point Founder Mary Pat Jacobs knows what can take an applicant to the next level. “An applicant is more than just a test score and a transcript. If they could lure me in with their previous experiences, capture my imagination with a creative way of communicating the lessons that changed the way they see the world, inspire me with their academic and professional goals, then bring it all together by explaining why the program they were applying to was the perfect intersection of where they had been and where they want to go, I was hooked.


At Apply Point, we place a premium on personalized service as well as open and ongoing communication. Face-to-face meetings in New York City, with your consultant, are standard because we believe this is the most effective advisory format in which to meet your needs and objectives. Phone or Skype meetings can also be set up any time by appointment. We look forward to building a relationship with you through regular follow-ups, customizable project plans, and candid conversation, as you prepare to embark on an exciting educational adventure.


Your application is paramount in communicating your personal brand and differentiating your offerings so you can achieve your goals in gaining admission to multiple high-quality institutions. Drawing on an extensive background in journalism and strategic communications, Apply Point Founder, Mary Pat Jacobs will guide you to a polished and impressive application package that will set you apart from the competition.


Over the years, we have gained thousands of hours of experience working with applicants to academic programs. We look forward to guiding you through what you may be experiencing — a fear of the unknown, uncertainty regarding the schools to which you should apply, as well as possible anxiety over making a solid first impression — because we know and understand where you are coming from. We also know what questions to ask to get the brainstorming process for essay content development underway, what clarifications to make to ensure polish, and what language to use in order to capitalize on your strengths.