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Apply Point has also helped clients gain admission to a wide array of graduate programs within the arts and sciences.


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You’ve come a long way. Your diverse set of personal, professional, and academic experiences brought you countless lessons and helped to expand your world. Your accomplishments are great. Now, you’re ready to take the next step. The application process to an academic program in higher education can be daunting, but it is a move you must make in order to achieve your educational and professional goals.

A first meeting with Apply Point is an effective way to review our services and gauge the fit between you and the consultant. We look forward to meeting you and helping you get started in this exhilarating process.


Recommendation letters are vital pieces of an application and should be taken very seriously. Not only will Apply Point help you to identify the most effective recommenders based on your previous experience, but we will also help you to craft and manage all requests and communications with your recommenders.

While you will not have direct control over the content in a recommendation, through a series of strategic communications, we can help you to guide the recommender to emphasize the specific areas of strength that will set you apart. We will also ensure their messages align with your overall application strategy.


The resume is your profile sheet, your brand brief, your snapshot. It is meant to be a concise, yet powerful piece containing key information about your professional experiences and academic accomplishments. We will help to ensure it is both visibly appealing and verbally succinct.

Scholarship Preparation

Your application for admission is also your application for merit-based scholarships at many programs.  If you’ve been admitted to multiple programs and have received scholarship offers, your admissions journey isn’t over yet.  Merit based scholarships are negotiable, so you don’t have to settle on the first offer.   Apply Point will not only advise you on the scholarship negotiation process, but our experts can also assist in applications for outside scholarships and grants that may be available.

Denial Analysis

If you have been denied from a particular program, we will meet with you to develop a contingency plan. You will have the option to either accept an offer at one of the other programs to which you’ve been admitted or you can re-apply to the program that sent the denial notice. If you decide to re-apply, we will help you get to the bottom of the trouble spots and better prepare you for reapplication the following season. Please know that in the world of admissions, re-applicants are highly regarded for their perseverance.


During our second meeting, we look forward to learning more about you. How did you get to where you are today? What are your greatest strengths? How about your weaknesses to overcome? What are your objectives in higher education? What sets you apart? Not only do we want to assess your skill-sets and professional goals, but we look forward to getting to know you a bit better and brainstorming compelling topics for essay content development.

What have been your most unforgettable experiences and lessons we could use to inspire a memorable essay? To get started, we will review your responses on the Applicant Evaluation form you will complete before the evaluation session.


If anything is going to push an applicant over the edge, it is going to be the essay. It is the first time, before you have the opportunity to meet an admissions director face-to-face, that you can make a memorable statement about who you are, what you feel strongly about, and how your journey has influenced your choices and your passions. Most essay questions are broad, so you will have a lot of freedom to make the space your own.

We will guide and encourage you to use the space to capture and carry the reader through a carefully crafted and thought-provoking piece that leaves them feeling inspired and enlightened about your candidacy and fit. Ask any admissions director and they will be able to tell you about a time when an unforgettable essay prompted them to ‘fight for’ and ‘win’ an applicant, even if this applicant had other factors, like the standardized test score, stacked against them.  


You may assume your first impression to an admissions officer will be contained entirely in the memorable and polished application package you’ve been refining for months.  However, in the age of Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, this just isn’t the case.

Therefore, it is important to be cautious, not only about the material you post online through social networking sites, but also about the information posted about you or others with the same name. According to a survey by education company Kaplan, 38% of MBA programs that investigate social networking profiles have seen something that has "negatively affected" their view of an applicant. Only a quarter of the schools checking online presence said their views were improved by what the found, according to the survey.

A profile that lacks solid judgment may be looked down upon and create a disadvantage for you in the application process. However, a well-written profile highlighting personal and professional achievements could help you stand out from the crowd. Apply Point will ensure that what is presented about you, in the world of social media, will only strengthen your candidacy.

Strategic Plan

How are we going to position you so that you are able to achieve your goals in gaining admission to multiple high-quality institutions? Based on the information gathered in the applicant evaluation meeting, we will put together a plan of action for achieving your educational goals.

We will finalize your list of schools based on your objectives and abilities, identify recommenders, create an application timeline, and identify and coordinate any additional actions like campus visits that may be necessary for you.

Essay Editing

During the editing process we will encourage you to make every word count to ensure your essay is moving in a direction you are proud of. We will pay particular attention to sentence structure, grammar, style, and flow. While editing is a never-ending process, we will guide the final product to a superb point of polish and clarity.

Final Application Review

Even the best writers and editors know the editing phase is never complete. Therefore, we will take the final reviews of your application very seriously. Reviews of the final product will take place multiple times by different consultants in order to achieve our goal of perfect polish in terms of content, structure, and style. With keen eyes for detail, we will strive to get your application to the best place possible.

Mock Interview

The interview will either make or break your candidacy for admission. Therefore, you must prepare and practice as much as possible. A face-to-face* mock interview with Apply Point will stimulate the real thing. You will be asked real questions in a situation where you will be forced to think on your feet and respond under pressure. After the interview, we will provide you with candid feedback, a written assessment, and an improvement plan we will continue to address should you need further coaching.

*Apply Point prefers to do face-to-face interviews in New York City, but mock interviews can also be done via phone or Skype.

Waitlist Positioning

Our goal is your acceptance, however, in the case you are either waitlisted or denied from a program, there is more we can do. The waitlist is most commonly used with borderline applications to bide time for the admissions committee. Before making the final decision, admissions officers will compare the quality of the waitlisted applications to those that arrive later in the cycle.

Once you hear you’ve been waitlisted, we will talk immediately, evaluate all possibilities, and devise a strategy that will pinpoint and address possible weaknesses. We will also assist you in crafting letters of intent to those top-choice schools at which you’ve been waitlisted.