CV/Resume Construction

The resume is your profile sheet, your brand brief, your snapshot. It is meant to be a concise, yet powerful piece containing key information about your professional experiences and academic accomplishments. We will help to ensure it is both visibly appealing and verbally succinct.

Cover Letter Content Development and Editing

The cover letter is a vital complement to your resume. Use it to explain why you are interested in and keen on contributing to the organization, and clarify how your professional and academic experiences have prepared you to excel in the position to which you are applying.  We will guide you in developing compelling and convincing content, then edit for grammar, clarity, and flow.

Interview Prep

The interview will either make or break your candidacy for residency or a professional position. Therefore, you must prepare and practice as much as possible. A face-to-face* mock interview with Apply Point will simulate the real thing. You will be asked real questions in a situation where you will be forced to think on your feet and respond under pressure. After the interview, we will provide you with candid feedback, a written assessment, and an improvement plan we will continue to address should you need further coaching.